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Chip Zdarsky

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What I love about the internet: Number 782 – Sometimes you just stumble onto some pretty cool stuff.

Today, I discovered Chip Zdarsky (zdarsky.tumblr.com).  A friend had sent me a page from “The Petal Falls Twice”, part of his One Page Series, where he posts a single page of a work-not-in-progress.  This page made me laugh.  Here, check  it out for yourself…

Pretty Awesome, eh?


Anyway, I found a lot other cool stuff on his site (though this was the funniest).  His site is mostly art work, and I liked what I saw.

I wasn’t sure if this was his work or not, but he had a link to a great piece from The National Post entitled “Steve Murray’s life lessons (for every age)”  I’m just going to give you the link here, but I recommend you click it and give it a read.  There is some witty stuff in thereEnjoy.

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January 21, 2011 at 4:35 pm

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Chewed Up

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I am a big fan of Louie C.K.  The other day I watched his special from 2008 entitled CHEWED UP.  I laughed until I cried.  But I didn’t cry from mirth, but rather because of how true it is.  Some parts of this really struck too close to home.  You can stream it on Netflix, or if you don’t have Netflix, here it is in 6 ten minute parts via YouTube…

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January 19, 2011 at 2:53 pm

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We are just monkeys

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This video does a nice job of summing up my own personal philosophy.

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January 9, 2011 at 11:29 am

Wiki-Person of the Day: William Sealy Gosset

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Sorry I didn’t post yesterday. Two sick kids at home- Not fun.

Anyway, today I’ve selected William Sealy Gosset.

Wiliam Sealy Gosset

Wiliam Sealy Gosset

Why? Well, let me tell you a tale…

During my first trip to Madrid, I discovered a pretty nice fake-Irish pub (can’t remember name, I’ll have to pull out my photo album later and find the pictures I took when I was there). I say “fake”, because it was one of these “pubs in a box” that bar owners can buy from Guinness. Not quite a franchise, but, Guinness will, for a fee, come an outfit, decorate and stock your pub, with everything from the bar itself to tall the nick-knacks on the walls.

Anyway, in the middle of old Madrid, there was this stereotypical Irish pub straight from County Kilkenny. This place became my oasis for a few weeks; my traveling companions at the time were into going to dance clubs and other loud, youthful places at night. Not my cup of tea. So, I kept going back to this pub.

I managed to befriend one of the co-owners, a guy from Dublin. He was an amateur historian as well as a publican.  Over many pints, he gave me a full history of Guinness.  One of the things he told me was that was mathematics that made Guinness so good.  This came up at the end of a long night, and I never really understood it.  His explanation was a bit… well, like I said, I never understood it.

Anyway, I recently stumbled upon the bio of Mr. William Sealy Gossett.  I still can’t say I completely understand his work, but if a statistician can be the Head Brewer at St. James Gate, then I will have to agree with the statement that is is mathematics that makes Guinness so good!

Enjoy these Wiki-Links: William Sealy Gosset, Student’s t-distribution, Studentized residual, Guinness, St. James Gate, Madrid, County Kilkenny, Dublin, Irish Expats

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December 15, 2010 at 11:30 am

Funny Photos

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Last year, I spent way too much time browsing the internet just looking for the lulz. It was fun, but a complete waiste of time. I’ve broken myself of that habit thankfully. (though, I still haven’t accomplished anything yet with all this new time I’m not flittering away.)

Anyway, here is a bunch of stuff I found last spring, (which is eons ago in internet time). Just wanted to share it, so I can justify this stuff clogging up my hard drive.  (this is post one of two – I’ll get to the rest of it later.)


An old reference, and not a funny picture, I just really liked this piece of art.


But it's freedom to have these crazy beliefs that makes this nation so damn great!

Flying Baby!

Ha! Babies are funny!

George F'in Bush

Gonna let this one speak for it self.

Beatles Phone Trick

It's the simple things that amuse me the most.

Burt-Alien & Ernie-Predator

I love when pop culture icons cross pollinate.

Carlin On Religion

The illogic of religion bothers me more then the BS.

Comic Book Issues

It's because I have issues, that I had to stop collection issues. (but I still have issues, both kinds.)

Try this!

Someday, when I am feeling my jerky-est, I will try this. Someday.


No joke here, other then to introduce you the woman I married. In both appearance and demeanor.

Disney Pr0n

Oh media, why would you lie to us?

My Dream

When I read stuff like this, I'm happy to learn that I am not alone in the world!

Portable Porn

Oh my, look how far technology has come! (no pun intended)


Once you see it, you will never unsee it!

Please Pass The Gas

Prolly fake, but it made me smirk.

Everyday Italian

I'mnot posting this because "Everyday Italian" is the greatest cooking show of all time, but because I was amazed to learn that there is a whole webste devoted to nothing but jokes about Food Network.

Forever A-Thumb

I love it when two memes intermix. Here, we have finger art and one of my personal favs, Forever Alone.

Hand Hitler

Sorry, but Hitler jokes still amuse me. Kinda appropriate that Mr Hand Hitler here is giving us the finger, since the real Hitler was such an asshole, don't you think?

Keep Moving

Old timey racism also amuses me. (We can joke about it, because bigotry is no longer an issue in America, right?) Why do sch inappropriate things make me laugh?

Jesus and Bigots

Oh wait, we still have such problems. Thanks religious right!

kitty cat

This one is so crude that I almost wasn't going to post it. Almost.


So wrong...

Men Who Stare

Honestly, after the first glance, you can't help but stare. Am I right!? Yes? Anyone?! Oh gawd, please don't tell me I'm alone on this one?!?


I was 6 months old at that time.

Josh Christ



I sooo hope this is fake!

Nervous Shirley

Another one that is just plain wrong, but it made me bust out laughing.


I'll admit, I've shed more then one tear in the kitchen.

Electric Snouts

Someday, when I have a place of my own, I'm going to do cool stuff like this!

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December 12, 2010 at 8:11 am


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Here is my new online addiction-   VYou.com

The premise of the site is that you ask questions of people, and they give you a video response.  Also, people will ask you questions, and you need to reply with a video of your own.  That’s it for the most part.  Very simple!

Like all of the social world of web 2.0, there are followers and following, but you can ask questions of people you are not following.  You can ask questions anonymously, or with your name on them.  And, you do not need to answer every question you receive.

I signed up a few weeks ago, but only began playing with the site this week.  I’ve asked a many many questions, received some answers, and even had someone ask me a question.  The site can be a real ego stroke, because who doesn’t like talking about themselves?  But on the downside, is that it’s a real blow to the ego when people don’t ask you a question.  It seems that minor celebrities and pretty girls get more questions then schmucks like me, but then, that’s how the internet works these days.

That said, it’s still a fun site.  I spent time jumping form random person to random person, asking stupid questions.  It was a time killer for sure, but a fun one as I challenged myself to come up with wittier and wittier questions.

VYou is in beta right now, and it shows technically: the audio and video quality is low.  A large part of that must be due to hardware that users are using (webcams and built in microphones).  However, I fond that tmy video and audio cut out when I record an answer, something that does not happen when I use the same webcam on other sites.  I found other people with answers that had laggy video and silent spots in their audio as well.  So, I’m going to blame VYou for this problem.  (However, I’m not an expert, so don’t hold me to that.) Hopefully these problems will be cleaned up down the road.

So, my recommendation to you is go out there, sign up, try it out, be social, and ask me some questions!  Thanks.

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December 3, 2010 at 11:08 am

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If you know me, then you know I love the DOWNFALL meme.

Last night, I was reading Newsweek, (The issue from a week or two ago, with Hilary Clinton on the cover, calling her Obama’s “Bad Cop”), a magazine I normally enjoy.  But, a passage about the DOWNFALL meme in the magazine kinda pissed me off.  No, not kinda, it really got me mad!

They called the meme played out, which, okay, sure, it’s been around a while now and I can understand that some people may be sick of it (I’m not), but hey, that’s their opinion, and I can respect that.  What I could not respect was the way they said it was a good thing that Constantin Films, the production company behind the film, had ordered the DOWNFALL clips off of YouTube.

Why am I angry?  Because this is a case of yet another media company claiming “copyright” in an inappropriate manner, and ignoring the fair use laws that protect this form of parody and remixing.  And, I would think that Newsweek, normally an intelligent publication, would be smart enough to understand the bigger picture.

I’m not the most articulate person when it comes to explaining all of this (without writing a five page essay), so go do some research and educate yourself on the topics of remix culture and copyright vs fair use.  Trust me, these are important subjects in todays digital culture.

And on a somewhat related note…

Brandon Hardesty has been re-enacting scenes from films and posting them to YouTube for a while now.  They are interesting, one man experiments in acting.  Recently, he posted his own version of the (in)famous DOWNFALL scene.  Pretty good, for a non German speaker!

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May 6, 2010 at 9:19 am