Timothy Patrick McMahon

Yes, THAT Timothy Patrick McMahon!

Who The Hell Is Timothy Patrick McMahon?

A bit about me…

After a crappy childhood spent in New Hampshire, Texas and Vermont, I left home to attend a crappy college in Maine.

After studying History & Education, I ended up pursuing neither of these disciplines in my adult life.

After spending a few years goofing off and doing a bit of, (though not enough), traveling, I settled down, got married, landed a grown up job, and bought a house.

After my daughter came along, I left my adult job to become a night-time wage slave; the benefit being that I could be home everyday for my children. (A son was born during this period.)

In the fall, I may be going back to college to earn an Art Degree.  Yes, an Art Degree.  Don’t laugh.   I’m doing simply for the fun, and because I need something new in my life.  (update – 3 years later and this hasn’t happened.  Another turd for the shit-pile that is life.)


And now, a few random fact about me…

I find a lot of humor places that maybe I shouldn’t.

I love the internet and all things internety.

I cook with too much garlic.

I probably don’t like you, but wont tell you that to your face.

I sometimes forget to cut my toe nails.

I am really rather lazy.

I am comfortable in the fact that we will all be dead and forgotten someday.

I am a big time STAR WARS nerd.

I love video games, but feel guilty about spend so much time in such an unproductive way.

I want to write a novel someday, but I can’t come up with even the most basic of plots.

I have had celebrity encounters with Niel Diamond, Spaulding Gray, Stephen King, Bradley Whitford, Fran Tarkenton, Christopher Darden, Steve Balmer & Biff Henderson.

I have a hard time completing the things I start.

I don’t like nuts.

My secret fantasy is to become the voice of an animated character.

I can’t spell worth crap.

Both my son and I have the middle name of Patrick.

Shepherds Pie is my favorite food.

I am related to Ray Bolger, who played the Scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz.

Ask me about my fissures, if you dare!

I can’t jump into water without holding my nose.

No, these aren’t implants, they are all real and all mine.

I’m a better cook then my wife.

I’m enjoying using WordPress to build this site, but I am still not completely happy with is. Contact me is you want to be my “webmaster”.

I cant tell you how much I absolutely hate winter, but I am sure that I will most likely end up living out the rest of my cursed days in New England.

The Eiffel Tower is taller then I thought it would be, and the Statue of Liberty is smaller then I thought it would be.

Professional Photographer, Brewmaster, Film Editor, Cable Guy – four exciting career paths I wish I had followed.

Legos, in my opinion, are the greatest toy ever!

I watch too much TV, yet oddly, not enough TV.

I use deodorant and not antiperspirant.

My favorite condiment is mayo.

Better out then in, I always say!

I did not win the Powerball lottery this week.

Regrets: not learning to play the piano, not going to Eastern Europe in ‘94 when I had the chance, and not having won this weeks Powerball lottery.

My first computer was the original Mac in 1984. My first PC was a 90mghtz Pentium with a half gig hard drive from Zeos (was it 94 or 95 when the Pentiums first became available?)

My favorite colors are dark green and dark navy blue.

I really don’t like board games, especially Monopoly.

My first Dungeons and Dragons character was a chaotic good Ranger.

I think I may be tone deaf.

I’m no good at keeping track of old friends. If I don’t see you at least once a week, I simple forget about you.

I’m pretty good at faking being intelligent, though you wouldn’t know it from this site.

I like dogs AND cats.

I like going to the movies alone, but prefer not to because of the looks other people give you when you go to a movie alone.

My favorite bath towel is gray.  Though, it’s not the color that makes me like it so much.

You can tell that I don’t like you if I do not look you in the eye during conversation.

When I get angry, it is mostly with myself.

I hate the we lie to children about Santa Clause, the Easter Bunny, and the Tooth Fairy.

I have 4 scars on my body.

I burn, I don’t tan.

People who cut me off on the road really tick me off!  Especially if they don’t use their blinkers.

I don’t get 8 hours of sleep each night, and this makes my other problems worse.

I am a Girl Scout.  Really!

I think I’ve made more bad decisions then good ones in my life.

I’m not the worlds best flosser.

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Written by Timothy Patrick McMahon

October 26, 2009 at 11:00 am

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