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And I’m Back

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I haven’t given this site any love in months and months.  Let me catch you up on why…

School started in the fall, and I thought I would have all this free time with the kids away each day, but no, I didn’t.  In fact, I became even busier then ever with kid-based activities.  I also took a class myself (but that was a disaster to talk about another day).

Then, December rolled around and brough Star Wars: The Old Republic.  This is a MMO game that I had been waiting years for, and well, once it hit, it sucked up ALL my free time for weeks and weeks.  I’m starting to come down off my SWTOR high, and while I still enjoy it, I no longer feel the need to spend every free moment playing it.

So, things are less busy with the kids now, and I have broken my addiction, and I feel that it is time to get back to the internet.

Why the hell do I feel the compulsion to post crap on line?  I’ve had this “need” for years now, and I  think I should be over it by now.  Especially since I have nothing to say; no original thoughts or witticisms, no grand adventures to document, no works of creativity to share.  But, something about this modern era of digital sharing drives me to keep posting and reposting, even though I know no one is listening, or cares.

This compulsion really kicks in every two years when ROFLcon rolls around.  ROFLcon III is just a few months away, and if I ever hope to be on a panel (one of my secret dreams), then I need to get off my butt and find some internet notoriety.  But, again, I have nothing worth sharing.

Anyway, I’ve given up creating online goals for myself that I never follow through on.  (my latest idea was to just post audio snippets, but I hate the nasally sound of my inarticulate voice.)  I’ll just go back to reposting other peoples crap.  Enjoy!

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February 14, 2012 at 1:21 pm

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