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1972 Baby Photos

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My son asked to see some photos of me when I was his age.  But, I don’t have any.  My mom has them all.  All I have is an album of baby photos of myself.  While flipping through this book of pictures, I came a couple of interest, that I thought I would share…

That’s my mom, at what I’m guessing is her 9th month of pregnancy.  Take a close look.  Take a look at her hand… Smokes and a Coke.  No wonder I turned out so sickly looking!

Up next, is a photo of my first day home from the hospital…

Yup, the put me right down next to the ash tray.  There’s no better way to celebrate the newest addition to your family then the cool refreshing taste of Marlboro!   -the 70’s were AWESOME!!!

Up next, I have a few pictures for the ladies! (Beware, contains male frontal nudity.  I’m about to go all Full Monty on ya!)

Why yes, I am still that big!  – And for those of you who are wondering what I’ve got out back…

And finally, here is a buncha shots of me visiting my Grandparents.  On a related note, in my baby album, it seems like there are photos of many, many topless men.  Why didn’t gentlemen wear shirts in 1972?

Written by Timothy Patrick McMahon

July 1, 2011 at 9:11 pm

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