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Number Ten!

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Eleven days ago, I listed nine boring facts about my recent days. Nine?  Who makes a list of nine things?  That’s just stupid.

Well, I’m stupid, and at the time, I could not think of a tenth thing to write.  But today, it dawned on me what that tenth thing could’ve/should’ve been…

I recently installed a new flapper in my toilet.  Yup, I’m practically a plumber now.  But not just any kind of plumber.  I’m a plumber who is saving the Earth!

You see, when I changed the flapper in the toilet, I also inserted a new-fangled device into it, and then I changed the handle on the outside of the toilet to a button.  Two buttons to be exact.  The type where you press button number one if you did number one, and button number two if you made a number two.  Supposedly, when pressing button number one, I use 70% less water.  Over the course of a year, for a family of four, that would be enough water to stack water bottles 45 miles high!  -Or something like that.  I can’t quite remember what the box said, but it had a neat graphic of water bottles stretching into space.

Another thing about the box that the device came in; it proudly proclaimed that this hardware was designed by a fourth generation American plumber.  This is so awesomely American to me.  Here, you have a trade, passed down from generation to generation…  Here, you have a person who, with the wisdom of their family behind them, tinkers to make things better… Here, you have someone who saw a problem, and found a way to make it better…  To me, it’s such a storybook American tale of family, ingenuity, and entrepreneurial-ship; I love it!

But of course, the device is made in China, which is also to typically American as well.

Anyway, there you go, another boring fact about recent life.

Written by Timothy Patrick McMahon

January 18, 2011 at 11:38 pm

Posted in Me, Tech

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