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The New Year Starts TODAY!

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Today is Tuesday, January 4th, 2011 – Also known as the first day of the new year!

Your probably thinking… “What?!?! No! Ya idiot.” Here, let me explain…

My goal for the year is a post a day for the entire year. Yup, you heard me, at least a post a day for three hundred sixty five days in a row! Can I do it? Doubtful. I have the poor character trait of never finishing anything I begin. It’s true, I suck. But, for some reason, I think I can do this. Wish me luck.

Anyway, I’m starting my year today.  Why not on the first?  Well, I was held up the last few days because of the kids.  (Advice to those of you with our children in the audience: don’t have them.  They suck up all of your free time, the bastards!)

I can’t promise each post will be good, or grand, or even worth reading. But, there will be something new here everyday (maybe. Hopefully. We’ll see.). I may “cheat” and simply post more “Wiki-Person of the Day” entries, or I may take inspiration from my recent post about bad music, and simply post more horrible songs that I like, or I may even continue my bad habit of reposting photos and art I’ve found online that made me laugh.  But no matter what I do, there will be something new here at TimothyPatrickMcMahon.com, each and every day.

Place your bets now.

Written by Timothy Patrick McMahon

January 4, 2011 at 1:13 pm

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  1. […] yesterday, I opened a big box o’ shame.  After 11 days, I failed.  Previously, I had said that it was my goal to publish something, anything, everyday, for 365 days in a row.  […]

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