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Wiki-Person of the Day – Pablo Fanques

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In an attempt to post more, I’ve decided to start a series of “…of the Day” posts.  I have a few ideas for themes, and the first is the Wiki-Person of the Day.  These are interesting people from history with short entries on Wikipedia.  Hey, they may be short entries, but at least they have a Wikipedia entry, which is more then I can say for myself.

(And please, if you feel the need to make a Tim McMahon Wikipedia entry, go right ahead.  I’ll be happy to help you fill the page with lies and half truth.)

So, first up is Pablo Fanques, a name I’m sure most of you have heard before, but had no clue who he was.

From Wikipedia…

Pablo Fanque (born William Darby in 1796 in Norwich – May 4, 1871 in Stockport) was the first black circus proprietor in Britain.

A famous showman in his time, he is best known today from the lyrics of the Beatles song Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite!, written by John Lennon based on an antique circus poster that he had bought, in which the Henderson family is described as “late of Pablo Fanque’s fair.” Lennon pronounces the surname to rhyme with “Yankee”.

Pablo Fanque is buried in Woodhouse Cemetery, Leeds next to his first wife Susannah Darby.

In 2010, he was honoured in his birthplace of Norwich by a commemorative blue plaque.[1]

Fanque is also mentioned in the song Ritz by the band Cockney Rebel.

As a bonus, here’s Eddie Izzard, as Mr. Kite in ACROSS THE UNIVERSE, attempting to sing “Being For The Benefit of Mr. Kite”. Enjoy. “Have you seen it? It’s great!”

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December 12, 2010 at 6:18 am

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