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Wow, is it that time already? Time for another ROFLcon? Cool! Cuz I love me some ROFLcon!!!

If you are coming to  TimothyPatrickMcMahon.com after visiting ROFLtuxes.Net, hello and thank you!  I bet you’re probably looking for an explanation.  Well…

I went to the first ROFLcon back in 2008, and it was great. Except for the fact that I had the flu and should have been in bed. BUT, I wasn’t going to miss the event for anything. Instead, I loaded up on medications, water and trudged through the weekend. Look, here is a picture of me that was in WIRED, feeling puffy, light headed and a bit out of sorts.

I'm the Ickabod Crane stand-in in the back.

I went with my buddy Roe, also seen in the photo above (not the one in spandex).  We had a great time, but we knew that when ROFLcon II came around, we needed to have a better time!

But how?  Well, we wanted to stand a bit closer to the ROFLcon spotlight.  But, neither of us had anything that would deem us worthy of being on a panel, we didn’t have an audience, we didn’t have cyber-fame, we were not innovators or creators, we were not Internet Superstars.

So, we would have to find a way to stand out from the crowd.  And how could we do this?  One word…


At first it was jut a joke, but we decided to do it.  We have no goal other than to get people to stop and say hello.  Simple as that.  We want this weekend to be a social adventure were we meet new and interesting people, have conversations with intelligent strangers, and, as an ego stroke, we want people to approach us and ask to have their pictures taken with us.  (Yes, I’ll admit I can be just that shallow!) Simple as that.

So anyway, that’s all.

This site isn’t much, just a place I share stuff I’ve found other places.  I’m sure these links, photos and videos are not everyone’s cup of tea, but they made me lol, and so I’ve reposted them here.  I keep telling myself I need to do something “original” with this site, but I’ve yet to come up with an idea.  Stop by again in the future, look for me elsewhere online, and let’s be internet friends!

Written by Timothy Patrick McMahon

April 29, 2010 at 9:07 am

Posted in Intelligent, Meme, ROFLcon, Tech

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