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Saxtons River Elementary Schools

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I recently found my 4th grade “yearbook”.  It’s just a bunch of photos that were photocopied, printed and then bound together.  I am feeling old because the pictures all square with rounded edges (plus the fact that this was 29 years ago). Do they even make film like that anymore?

When I think about 4th grade I think about Atari, sledding at Jason Abare’s house and sliding through dog poop, the video game cabinets also at his house and the rope swing he had that scared the crap out of me, learning how to play football (and liking it), being pushed into little league (and hating it), Bob Osgood’s awesome tree fort, maple syrup, really liking school and really liking the school building (is it weird for a nine year old to appreciate architecture?), seeing my first movie on a VCR (Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory) at Marianna Luring’s house (it was a class trip after we read the book), Marianna Lurings fingers (the were long and skinny and the image of the has stayed in my head for years), the three legged dog who lived two blocks away,  the recorder, having to go to speech therapy because I lisped and my TH’s sounded like S’s, taking piano lessons, learning to play Dungeons and Dragons, the silver short band radio I had which at night received signals from very far away, the dog we thought was a stray and took in and named Sheba only to find out it belong to the neighbors and her name was Jesse, playing tag on our bikes with tennis balls in the summer, being really into Casey Kasems top 40, sliding at Vermont Academy, thinking Vermont Academy was a college, waiting for The Return Of The Jedi to come out the next year, first noticing girls in that “special way”, playing with firecrackers, being able to go out and explore the town in ways I would never let my 4th grade daughter do now, getting into my first (of only two) fist fights as a kid (not counting the ones I had with my brother), swimming at the rec, the YMCA day camp, Shel Silverstein & Japanese styled ink paintings, monarch butterflies and milk weed, making crystals, the bad school sandwiches that were on stryrofoam plates and wrapped in plastic, that cool big blue house (again, what’s with the architecture?), learning to blow my nose without a tissue, getting my first alarm clock (which is still on my bedside table and still works!), the silver triangular climbing thing on the playground, the big concrete sewer pipes on the playground, the grocery store in town with the scary old couple and the dusty shelves who had the best candy, and the other grocery store in town who would sell me cigarettes (for my mom).

I’ve scanned the yearbook.  You can see the pages on Flickr

Written by Timothy Patrick McMahon

March 11, 2010 at 5:28 pm

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